To The South Dakota Legislature: Balance the Budget Already

Sometimes I do wish to lock myself into a room with high-grade soundproofing and crank up the natural vocal output to a personally painful pitch.

From the esteemed paper for the record:

[]Lawmakers don’t want to take final action on the budget pending the outcome of legislation in Washington that could send more money to the states to meet their Medicaid obligations. The measure has passed the Senate, but the House hasn’t taken up the issue, leading to uncertainty about when or if states will get more money. South Dakota would get about $42 million, enough to meet an anticipated budget gap for next year.[]

Do we have no leaders in the legislature who understand that 1) the money that may be sent to the states is money the feds do not have–that is, it is more deficit spending; 2) it doesn’t matter if the feds might bail the state out, the state has a responsibility to balance its own books; 3) what the federal government giveth it may take away; and 4) it’s not against the law to cut government programs?

In fact, much like rosebushes, government programs benefit from regular and repeated pruning to ensure an aromatic outcome. Somebody send Pierre a truckload of pruning shears, stat.

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