Thune May Yet Have Challenger

Thought the South Dakota Democratic Party was either unable (nobody available) or unwilling (nobody who had a chance) to field a candidate against John Thune, it appears as though an independent might make the cut. From the Rapid City Journal:

Secretary of State Chris Nelson said Wednesday that his office has received petitions for Mark St. Pierre of Kyle, who is trying to make the general election ballot as an independent in the U.S. Senate race.

Nelson said the petitions arrived Wednesday by registered mail. Volunteers sent them from Rapid City by the 5 p.m. CDT deadline Tuesday. St. Pierre needs 3,356 valid signatures to make the ballot.

We should know later this week or early next if Mr. St. Pierre supplied the requisite signatures. If he were to make it on the ballot, I wonder what his platform would be–other than “not John Thune.” Perhaps we shall find out in the coming days.

Here’s a piece that the RCJ did on Mr. St. Pierre a month or so ago. You may find the background information useful. I do like the ‘stache, but I’m afraid it may take him no further than did Knuppe’s.

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