The Rule of Law and The Immigrants Who Believe in It

Not everyone believes that we should, as Jo from Boca Raton has stated, have completely open borders. In fact, legal immigrants understand what they have better than most:

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer now has fans around the country. Talk radio stars Glenn Beck and Tammy Bruce have spoken about her and the YouTube video in which she stars has received more than a quarter million hits and counting. What did Saucedo-Mercer do to bring herself to national notice?

She stood up and spoke her mind.

On April 27, the 46-year-old nutritional company distributor addressed the Tucson City Council in support of SB1070, the Arizona law requiring police to check the immigration status of those they’ve detained for other violations.

More than approving of the controversial measure, her remarks were a ringing endorsement of the rule of law, and the view that citizenship is a privilege to be earned the right way.

“I’m shocked at the reaction my speech has gotten,” says Saucedo Mercer, who came legally to this country from Mexico in 1986 and become a citizen five years later. “I keep thinking, ‘What have I started?’”

It looks like a political brushfire, and one that’s long overdue. Saucedo-Mercer gave voice to a largely unheard segment of the Hispanic population — those who treasure the law, and understand the danger our open border represents to national security, public safety and the very concepts of sovereignty and citizenship.

Here’s the video:

Kudos to Gabriela for speaking simply and truthfully what others are either unwilling or unable to say.

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