The Browning of Massachusetts

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a very interesting day–and not just in Massachusetts. However, the Brown v. Coakley race will be keeping the attention of many of us who are watching the contest as not only a way of preventing some current poor legislation from ever becoming law but also as the bellwether for this coming November.

Professor Jacobson will be live blogging the events of the day at Legal Insurrection. I think you’ll enjoy his perspective–provided, of course, that you are also pulling for Brown.

Betsy Newmark thinks that Brown has the race sewn up.

Fellow blogger Andrew hasn’t said, but I think he’s backing Brown because they are both southpaws.

And, of course, Instapundit has been quite Brown for a while. It would seem as though about 1/4th of his updates are Brown-related.


My own personal prediction? Kennedy will get 2% of the vote, Coakley 47% and Brown 51%.

If you’d like to leave your prediction in the comments, please do so. If you are right, who knows what benefits might accrue?