That Rock in the Road? It’s the Constitution

We’ve seen all sorts of arguments for and against the health care reform bills. Here’s the only basis needed for not including the mandate that everybody must buy health insurance:

Democrats who assume it is constitutional to make it mandatory for Americans to purchase health insurance should answer some questions:

Would it be constitutional for the government to legislate compulsory calisthenics for all Americans? If not, why not? If it would be, in what sense does the nation still have constitutional, meaning limited, government?

George Will continues:

If Congress does something beyond its constitutional powers, that something does not become constitutional merely by Congress saying it is necessary for this or that.

Exactly. Saying that something is true does not make it so if it false. Does this debate not come down to the question of whether our Constitution even matters? If it does not limit the Congress, then why do we even have it (the Constitution)?

It would be better to repeal the Constitution than to continue to give it lip service as the law of the land while ignoring its prescriptions and proscriptions.