Ted Nugent Is An Excellent Shot

I know the man whose name appears above is a pretty good shot with a bow, a rifle or pistol, but he doesn’t do poorly with his pen either:

Ted NugentAnyone with a lick of common sense will tell you that when you are in a hole, you need to quit digging. Continuing to dig will only create a larger problem. Do schools teach this?

Recently, even President Obama’s national debt commission told him that his continuing spending orgy is digging America into a gigantic fiscal hole.

Next year, America’s total debt is expected to exceed $14 trillion. Each American’s share of that debt totals just short of $50,000. If Fedzilla would be honest and put all the figures on the table, we would see that we are in debt more than $100 trillion because of the financial obligations for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

That’s $100 trillion. One hundred percent predictable, 100 percent preventable.

Go read it all.

Andrew adds: “Quit digging”.  I like it.  I think I’ve heard something like this before.  Hmmm