Take Two Vitamin N and Call Me in the Morning

I hit this in one of those tweet thingies, but it really should get a full post. In a recent speech which Dennis Prager made to Republican members of Congress, he included the following remarks:

John Rosemond, who writes books on child rearing, says that the most important vitamin you can give to a child is Vitamin N, his term for the word “No.” You have given America Vitamin N.

America needs it terribly because of another way in which God has stacked the deck against the fight for goodness in human history: Every change for good must be constantly renewed, but changes for the worse are often permanent. Goodness must be fought for every day, over and over. That is why every American generation has to be inculcated with American values. But once the change for bad is made, it is close to irreversible. The Democratic attempt to vastly expand the state’s power would likely be a permanent change for the worse in American life. When they’re candid, they admit that the health care bill is their way to get to single-payer medicine and, more importantly, to a government takeover of another sixth of the American economy.

“Goodness must be fought for every day, over and over.” If that’s not a explanation of the struggle against entropy, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one. He’s right on. It is not impossible to change for the better, but it is so very much harder.

If I’m addicted to Vicodin, for example (and no, I am not) it is very easy for me to feed that habit. It is so very very hard for me to break the habit once hooked. There is one thing even easier than feeding that habit: not starting it to begin with.

If the Congress and the President are permitted to hook everyone on universal health care, it will be easy to keep that going (despite all of the damage the addiction will cause to people, the practice of medicine, the economy over all and personal freedoms); it will be very hard to ever break the addiction. Therefore, the much better approach is to not start at all. If that requires massive doses of Vitamin N, then that’s how it is.

Now, just a brief quibble about “how God has stacked the deck against the fight for goodness.” God is not the one who brought sin into the world, ensuring that entropy would be with us until the end of time. For that, we can thank our great-many-times-over-grandparents.

HT: Maggie’s Farm