South Dakota Not Most Conservative State

But then again, we’re not too far off from it either. According to the folks at Gallup, South Dakota came in at Number 4. Here’s the skinny:

A majority of Wyoming, Mississippi, and Utah residents identified as conservative rather than moderate or liberal during the first half of 2010, making these the most politically conservative states in the U.S. The District of Columbia had the greatest percentage of liberals, along with four New England states: Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

The chart following the above excerpt shows that 50% of South Dakotans self-identify as conservative. I grant that some of these may no doubt have a different meaning in mind, but still, I’ll take it. Now, if those 50% would consider that Ms. Herseth Sandlin should not be receiving their conservative vote this November, well, that’s something we can take to the polling booth.