South Dakota Gets 96% on Gun Test

From those nonpartisan chaps at the AP:

The Washington, D.C.-based, nonpartisan Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says only seven states have less stringent gun laws than South Dakota.

The report rates California and New Jersey laws best. The seven states listed as worse than South Dakota are Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Utah.

South Dakota earned only four out of 100 points on a scorecard measuring gun laws.

Do I need to show you a comparison between South Dakota homicides by gun and New Jersey homicides by gun? Very well, South Dakota is at .74 homicides per 100k people while New Jersey is at 2.65 (both for the most recent year available). In fairness, I will also state that Louisiana is 10.13 per 100K for the same time period, but then I believe that includes the near anarchy after the Katrina disaster.

Further, I do not know the breakdown for all of these homicides. That is, if the category includes death by police, criminals killing each other, etc.

Suffice it to say that I’m glad South Dakota is not either New Jersey or California or one of the other places which got poor scores on the Brady report.