Secretary Clinton: We Need to Spread the Wealth

In the Ukraine, our Secretary of State actively espouses wealth redistribution. Here’s a bit of the transcript:

Too few people, the political and economic elite, are realizing the vast majority of benefits from economic activity. It’s true in my own country where, unfortunately, economic inequality is increasing. And it’s true in Ukraine. It’s true in Europe and Asia and Africa and South America. So part of the challenge of economic growth and prosperity is to make sure it gets down and equally spread among people.

Madam Secretary? I think the Ukrainians are not fully recovered from the last time someone said that they needed to “equally spread” wealth among the people.

And she doesn’t even flinch when she says “political and economic elite.” After all, she is a member of both groups–assuming that she’s still married to Bill.

Via reader Chad V.

3 thoughts on “Secretary Clinton: We Need to Spread the Wealth

    1. Thad,

      That is precisely why I cringe when I hear our highest member of the diplomatic core stating (and apparently believing) such inanities.

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