Scott Adams Really Wants to Be Green

The well-known creator of Dilbert has a few thoughts about his desire to be green:

The greenest home is the one you don’t build. If you really want to save the Earth, move in with another family and share a house that’s already built. Better yet, live in the forest and eat whatever the squirrels don’t want. Don’t brag to me about riding your bicycle to work; a lot of energy went into building that bicycle. Stop being a hypocrite like me.

I prefer a more pragmatic definition of green. I think of it as living the life you want, with as much Earth-wise efficiency as your time and budget reasonably allow. Now back to our story.

It’s worth reading the whole thing. Language warning for repetition of old-fashioned expletive in affirmative statements of greenness.

4 thoughts on “Scott Adams Really Wants to Be Green

  1. I’m not down with the “man-caused global warming” argument, but I thought this article was hilarious. A good balance of intentions meet reality. I also like his take on being “green” – “do what you can and what is reasonable to you.” I would add “to be a good steward of the creation handed to us.” Great find CC!

    1. Odie,

      Thanks. We do indeed have responsibilities to take care of what we’ve been given–but we need to leave our brains engaged at the same time.

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