Power Line Plugs for Noem

The countdown to November has begun in earnest. John at Power Line (who is himself a slightly misplaced South Dakotan) has a few thoughts on Kristi Noem, but the following remark about Noem being called South Dakota’s Palin stood out for me:

That strikes me as an odd approach: there are states where you could damage a candidate by associating her with Sarah Palin, but I don’t think South Dakota is one of them. In fact, watching Noem in action, it is easy to surmise that South Dakotans like her for much the same reasons that Alaskans and others like Palin. As for being an extremist, you can check out her views here. She is a mainstream fiscal conservative, perfectly suited to the electorate’s mood.

Go and read the whole piece. I’m hoping we hear from John regularly as the excitement of November approaches.