PBS Provides the Lesson Plan (No, Really) for Health Care

Another reason that the Fairness Doctrine needs to remain buried in its crypt with a stake through its ever-loving heart. PBS (that paragon of public virtue–as long as those virtues are not found in religion) has provided the following as part of the lesson plan for teaching about health care:

A variety of lessons and activities are provided to help students gain the knowledge and background necessary to engage in a meaningful debate about the following resolution: Health care is a fundamental right; the government has an obligation to secure this right for all Americans. Teachers may opt to complete all the assignments in preparation for the debate, or select those most necessary or interesting to the class. Classes may prepare their debate for submission to the Miller Center Debate Series on health care.

[Emphasis in the original.]

Remarkable, non? Is it any wonder that the resolution is not Health care is an individual responsibility; the government has an obligation to not interfere with exercise of individual rights in pursuit of that responsibility? Go to Gateway Pundit for more.