Party of 315? Right This Way, Please

Just ran across this update on the Constitution Party in South Dakota:

The Constitution Party of South Dakota argues in a federal lawsuit that state law discriminates against the party by restricting its ability to put a candidate for governor on the election ballot. It wants a court order allowing it to nominate a gubernatorial candidate at its state convention rather than through a petition process requiring 250 signatures. Its lawyer, Daniel Treuden, says the petition process is difficult because the party has only 315 registered members statewide. Secretary of State Chris Nelson is named as defendant in the lawsuit. Nelson said he hadn’t read the complaint and declined comment.

I’m sad to see the party doing this. In my opinion, no one is being discriminated against in this situation. Rather, the party has been unable to gain sufficient membership to be a force in state politics. It sounds as though the current members need to spend their time convincing voters to register rather than spending the party’s time (and money) in court.

Not knowing anything about the situation but what is written here, would it not be possible for the people at the convention to provide the necessary signatures for the petition?

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