One Race

Lloyd Marcus lays it out:

Black presidential candidate Barack Obama receiving 96% of the black vote can be described only as an example of groupthink and racism. I caught heck for not sheepishly following the lead of my fellow blacks in voting for and worshiping at the feet of their Great Black Hope. How dare I ignore Obama’s skin color and scrutinize this man seeking to be elected leader of the free world?

Blacks expected me to ignore Obama’s associations with radial America-haters, his voting three times against protecting babies who survive abortions, and his socialist agenda of redistribution of wealth. Black America decided that Obama’s skin color trumped everything, and I had better get in step. As Rev. Wright said, “I am tired of Negroes who just don’t get it!”

Such attacks against black individuality and attempts of control by an indoctrinated black community and liberals truly offend me. I am an individual who happens to be black. My race is the human race. And yet, do I enjoy seeing blacks succeed outside of the box set for them by liberals? Absolutely, because I am sick of liberals and black overseers dictating what is considered acceptable black behavior. Black overseers (Sharpton and company) were not outraged because Tiger Woods cheated on his wife, but they were offended by his choice to have affairs with white women.

“My race is the human race.” Absolutely right.

Tell me again why we must continue to call attention to ethnic differences to make sure no one is discriminated against? If we truly didn’t care, we wouldn’t be keeping score so carefully–and according special privileges to people simply because of the color of their skin.

2 thoughts on “One Race

  1. Complete nonsense.

    Black vote %ages:

    1984 Walter Mondale 90% Ronald Reagan 9%
    1988 Michael Dukakis 90% George H.W. Bush 10%
    1992 Bill Clinton 83% George H.W. Bush 10%
    1996 Bill Clinton 84% Bob Dole 12%
    2000 Al Gore 90% George W. Bush 9%

    The only thing racist here is Lloyd Marcus.

    1. Bill,

      Your numbers–if correct–show than blacks overwhelmingly voted for the last several Democrat presidential candidates. Why did they do so? Well, in large part it was because the leaders (self-appointed) of the black community directed their votes.

      I do believe that this supports the groupthink and practical racism which Marcus speaks to in his article.

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