On Passover, One Libertarian Preaches

I thought the following was nicely done:

As we approach Passover in 2010, many people are unemployed. But in a free society, government does not create jobs.

Pharoah created jobs for us. Moses led us away from those jobs. Even though those jobs helped to complete public infrastructure. Even though they were green jobs, where we used our muscles and our backs instead of fossil fuels.

Go read the whole thing and you will understand the Exodus in a new light.

2 thoughts on “On Passover, One Libertarian Preaches

    1. David,

      Short answer: yes I do. What is slavery but the implementation of such a level of control of one person or entity over another that he works entirely for his master’s benefit and not his, that he does not enjoy the fruits of his labor (except those fruits are returned to him from his master): in fact, that he may do nothing without the explicit permission of his master.

      Are there levels of slavery–allowing us to say that one form or type of slavery is worse than another? Could the case be made that the slavery practiced in the United States of the early 1800s was far worse than the slavery we now contemplate? Indeed.

      That being true, we can still be intellectually and historically honest while speaking in terms of the slavery which the increased government intrusion/regulation places us under.

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