Of Baseball and The Need for No Tickets

From the Big Fur Hat, we have the following:

Those borders around the sporting events that keep you from realizing the dream of going to a baseball game? Pffffft. SNEAK IN! And if any usher asks to see your ticket to the game, cry out, in a foreign language, that your CIVIL RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED!!!

But it doesn’t end there. You sit in your seat and DEMAND that the people around you pay for your hot dogs and beer. And that line at the bathroom, the bathroom that is for paying customers, why just move to the head of that line, mister. As a guy who sneaked into the arena you have protection status! Moron.org has your back!

Furthermore, if you sneak in with your pregnant wife and she has a baby at the game – SEASON TICKET HOLDER! That’s right!

I think he’s got a point. Here is hoping that MLB and Bud Selig, et al can see it through the massive lens of political correctness which has been erected between them and the quintessential American sport.

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