Not Ignoring Haiti

Though I’ve not posted on it previously, I’ve not been ignoring the situation in Haiti. Rather, I must confess to being overwhelmed with what has occurred–both with the earthquake and the aftermath. And, I’m quite aware that the topic is drowning out most others across the blogosphere and the traditional media. Didn’t think you needed more bloviating on this particular topic.

With that in mind, you could do much worse than this overview from BoingBoing (yesterday, but comprehensive).

May God have mercy on those who lived there and all of those who have arrived and will arrive in the days and months ahead to render aid.

2 thoughts on “Not Ignoring Haiti

  1. Thought that you would like to know that your alma mater raised $13,000 for Haiti in one Sunday morning service. (Usual offering is said to be around $1500.) The funds were being flown right direct to Haiti. May God bless all those who are giving of their time and skills to help the Haitians.

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