No Government Help for Flooded Homeowners in South Dakota

From the folks at KELO:

Help could still come from the federal government to fix roads but that’s not the case for private homeowners with flood damage.

The governor announced Friday that damage wasn’t extensive enough to qualify for FEMA assistance.

Flooding is so bad in and around Brian Nietert’s home near Claremont, he can’t even live there. He hasn’t been able to for weeks.

“I don’t even know what to do until it starts drying up. And it hasn’t gone down a bit yet,” Nietert said.

Despite damage being bad at his place, there aren’t enough other people in the same boat.

To qualify for a Presidential Disaster Declaration for individual assistance, a large number of homes must be damaged to the point of uninhabitable. A 13-county flood assessment tour by state and federal officials found that isn’t the case this spring.

Here’s the thing. If you know someone who got flooded and you have the means of helping them, please do so. If you make the call that they were foolish in building where they did, or not planning as they should have, then you may choose to not help them. It is probable that a number of people will rethink both their locations and their flood preparation plans because of this spring’s over abundance of water.

Bottom line is this: there is no help from the “federal government” unless it first comes from us. The only way the federal government may help any one of us is to first take the means of helping (money) from one or more of the rest of us. Let all who would desire such help understand the cost. Nothing wrong with helping folks–but it is not the job of the federal government to help people, no matter how many public officials might think such to be the case.