New York Times Apparently Disclaims Brad Thor Story on Force Protectors

Just received this in response to what I had written regarding the New York Times and Brad Thor’s story:

Thank you for writing.  As a matter of policy we don’t comment on possible future stories but the blog posting you are referring to is incorrect.  It is our policy to withhold the names of active undercover agents. An earlier Times story described operations in Afghanistan that have been discontinued, and did not disclose the names of undercover operatives.


Darby Thomas

Darby Thomas
Office of the Chairman/Publisher & CEO
The New York Times Company
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10018

I’m grateful for the response–which was more than I expected. It is interesting to note that my email to them did not include reference to any blog posting, or in fact even mention the article at Big Journalism. However, one might safely assume that I was not the only one who contacted them about the story, so this is probably a bit of a canned response.

I am glad to know that their policy is to not reveal the identities of “active undercover agents.” Let us hope that their understanding of that policy and mine are the same.