Name That Party: Mankato Edition

From the Argus Leader:

The mayor of Mankato is apologizing after his arrest for drunken driving in the Minneapolis suburb of Golden Valley.

The Star Tribune reports John Brady was arrested Saturday afternoon after reportedly being seen driving erratically on Interstate 94 in south Minneapolis.

Nowhere in the article does it note the party affiliation of said mayor. So, I went to the Star Tribune:

Brady’s attorney, Calvin Johnson, said the mayor “wants a quick and speedy resolution of this serious matter, and is initiating a process of recovery for himself and his community. He apologizes for the inconvenience that this may cause his professional responsibilities.”

According to Golden Valley police, after dispatchers got a call about a hit-and-run accident on 394 early Saturday afternoon, Brady allegedly refused to stop while officers pursued his car. He rear-ended another vehicle, police said.

Again, no mention of the gentleman’s party affiliation. Wondering if I could figure it out, I checked out his bio (for his reelection campaign) which notes that he is a chiropractor.

There was a John Brady (chiropractor) of Mankato, MN who donated to Tim Walz for Congress (2008 and 2010) and Al Franken for Senate (2008) and apparently no one else. If this is indeed the same individual–as it would appear–then one might guess the party affiliation. Unfortunately, most people reading the story in whichever paper won’t know. If the beast were a pachyderm rather than an Equus asinus, it might be a little simpler to figure out.