Morning Shots | September 13, 2010

South Dakota receives net benefits from federal government. (Argus Leader) Unsurprising. We are a largely rural state with lots of roads. Current policies favor taking money from people who have it and giving it to us — but it doesn’t make it right.

Canadian coming to Brookings today. (KOTA) No word if he’s bringing gifts or just the gift of gab.

Boys will be boys. (Capital Journal) Most important thing for exchange students? Drivers licenses.

4 thoughts on “Morning Shots | September 13, 2010

  1. It’s far from just roads bringing in the extra federal dollars. The Argus sidebar says we get above average compensation in direct payments which include “such categories as Medicare payments, unemployment compensation, student aid, farming subsidies and housing assistance.” The only category in which we get below-average compensation is gov. contracts.

  2. CAH,

    My statement was rural and roads. The rural piece is what drives farming subsidies, which I think you would find probably put us well over the top.

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