Morning Shots | November 22, 2010

Minnesota trying to figure out why South Dakota is a better place for business. (WQOW) Less regulation and fewer taxes is probably the answer to the $65,000 question.

Johnson to take over for Dodd on banking committee. (Argus Leader) More business as usual on Capitol Hill.

STD rates up with South Dakota youth. (KOTA) There are consequences to engaging in risky behavior.

2 thoughts on “Morning Shots | November 22, 2010

  1. Michael, the report doesn’t say the business climate is better in South Dakota. The report says the MN Legislature wants to compare the climate for small business startups with all four neighboring states. They want to look at regulation and taxation. I suggest they take a broader metric from the market: count the number of businesses migrating from one state to the next. Show me the great rush from MN to SD, and I’ll believe the hype about no-tax/low-tax SD being great for business.

    1. CAH,

      No, the article does not say business climate is better. We don’t need a great rush from MN to SD to prove a better climate, just a net outflow migration from businesses which say they are relocating here to save money.

      I do not know of any businesses which have relocated from South Dakota to Minnesota in recent times–but I know of several which have moved/are moving the other direction.–Company_Move/ is one such very recent example. Luverne Truck (now based on Brandon instead of Luverne MN, is another). The article at also addresses this.

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