Morning Shots | May 13, 2010

South Dakota farmers lost on milk, pork and beef in 2009. (Dakota Farmer) So, what kept them in business? I think you know.

Governor gets around to visiting Switzerland. (Argus Leader) It’s not on the state’s dime, so one would hope that would allay concerns.

In this enlightened age, there are still horse thieves. (Capital Journal) One wonders if controlled substances had anything to do with the incident.

3 thoughts on “Morning Shots | May 13, 2010

  1. re: losing on milk, beef, and pork
    I’d be interested in your comments on the myths of self reliance when there’s obviously a lot of interventionism in the interests of preserving “a way of life.”

    1. David,

      If I should ever get started on the topic of government intervention in the ag markets, I should probably not know where to stop. The idea of the self-reliant ag community is entirely a myth in our Midwest culture.

      I don’t even know so much anymore that it is in support of a way of life as it is simply the outgrowth of government wishing to “help” and people being rather selfish about it and not thinking long term.

      All of this is terribly simplified. Perhaps I shall do an in-depth look at it soon. Thanks for the idea.

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