2 thoughts on “Morning Shots | January 18, 2010

  1. I know it’s just a morning shot, but I want to take issue with line 3. The underlying thesis would seem to be that voting against Speaker Pelosi is equivalent to “independence.” But wouldn’t voting against Pelosi (or whoever the chosen liberal anathema to freedom and apple pie is this morning) 100% of the tie represent even greater dependence? Wouldn’t random correlation between votes of SHS and Pelosi producing a roughly 50-50 split represent the greatest possible independence? And is it not possible for two independent thinkers to arrive at the same conclusion (as you and I appear to have done on the false furor over Interpol)?

    This isn’t a big complaint — you can still criticize SHS for coming to Pelosi-esque conclusions. And you can probably catch me misusing the word independence in erstwhile posts about Thune, McCain, etc. But the semantics struck me this morning, so I thought I’d mention it. Be careful driving in the fog!

    1. CAH,

      It is indeed difficult to measure independence, unless one is independent of a fixed point (such as one’s parents). It would have been better to say that she was independent of a need to vote with Pelosi x% of the time.

      Since SHS is a Democrat, then voting against the leadership 100% of the time would be quite independent (or at least foolish). A 50-50 split would probably make all of a representative’s constituents not happy. 🙂

      Thanks for the fog thoughts–it was rather bad getting back to Monroe this evening. Tired eyes do not help matters.

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