Morning Shots | December 24, 2010

Because government is so efficient. (KOTA) I know, it could have happened to anyone. But that’s just it–government is run by people with the same flaws as the rest of us, but with no competition to keep them sharp.

As the dust settles from the real estate bubble. (Argus Leader) If you have the money, now is a good time to buy.

Thinking about your friend’s suicide? Here’s some money for a new program to help you feel better. (Rapid City Journal) It would seem that there is a serious issue here. Can we not do something better than write a check from taxpayer funds, or would that be non-PC?

Personal Note

Yesterday saw the removal of four impacted wisdom teeth from my mouth. Today sees me with massive chipmunk cheeks and barely enough room to put a baby spoon of pudding in without increasing the pain. My Christmas diet is now in place–and may extend well into the New Year. It has a been a few years since I’ve had a particularly memorable Christmas. I’m thinking this one may qualify.  Merrry Christmas to all.