Morning Shots | August 20, 2010

CDC thinks South Dakotans should exercise more, eat less. (Public News Service) And I think the CDC should pontificate less.

State Fair brings you cancer screening with your cotton candy. (KSFY) That’s why I want to visit the fair, alright. Though in its defense, the fair is trying to stay alive however it can.

House go boom. (KELO) I’m guessing his new place will have all electric appliances.

Immigrants become legal citizens the old-fashioned way. (KOTA) That’s how its done. I doubt they will ever forget it, either.

2 thoughts on “Morning Shots | August 20, 2010

    1. CAH,

      Tell me again where the CDC has a constitutional right to provide “reasonable health advice.” Government is doing far more, particularly at the federal level, than it has any business of doing and this is simply another indicator.

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