Morning Shots | April 19, 2010

Brief (but useful) comparison of Staggers and Huether as candidates. (KELO) It is time to elect someone who will get Sioux Falls back to the basics–before it does anything else.

Herseth Sandlin winning–the money race–at present.(KSFY) Being the incumbent has its advantages at times.

Citi sitting pretty at the bank. (Argus Leader) Remember, their success is due to your grandchildren’s taxes.

$3 gas is back. (KSFY) Fill up–it’s probably not going to get cheaper any time soon.

2 thoughts on “Morning Shots | April 19, 2010

  1. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with your Morning Shots, but any idea what happened to Fastidious? Was just kind of curious.

    Great blog and thank you for your work.

  2. Big B,

    No, I do not know what happened. I tried contacting her a couple of times, but received no response. Perhaps she and DH are working for the NSA now and can’t talk with the rest of us. 🙂

    Thanks for reading.

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