Mohammed, Depictions Of

Today is “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” Lacking the ability to draw more than swoopy stick figures, I figured that I would replicate an image which someone else had made. Here, in all its medieval glory is a representation of Mohammed meeting with four angels. The art is from the 16th century, I do believe, which would put it almost 1000 years after the person in question found out that he was 72 virgins short upon arrival in the afterlife.

mohammed meeting the four angels It was interesting to note, while searching for this image, that Wikimedia Commons has a number of depictions of Mohammed which do not obfuscate his face. These, and some obfuscated images, may be found here. One wonders why Wikimedia has not seen threats while various other people who publish similar images have? Then again, the entire response to the Mohammed cartoons is far from thoughtful and rational.

It is sad that it has come to the point where simply creating an image which may be offensive to some is sufficient to bring down threats of dismemberment, death and destruction. There are any number of images which I might find personally offensive–but I simply choose not to view them. Or, in the event that I would be shown them, I experience distaste, disgust, sorrow, etc without wishing the publisher or creator dead.

Personally, I am certain that God is capable of dealing with any dishonor or blasphemy without my violent assistance.

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