McDonald v. Chicago Coming Soon to a Supreme Court Near You

Last year (hmmm, guess it was actually the year before that) saw the reaffirmation of what many of us call traditionally understood Second Amendment rights in the Supreme Court’s Heller decision.  This year, we look forward to McDonald v. Chicago, which we hope will continue the direction which the court moved with Heller. Joerg Knipprath provides a detailed overview of where matters stand from a legal viewpoint as well as the issues which are most likely to draw the interest of the court:

Essentially, McDonald is a full frontal assault on state and local gun prohibitions and “regulations” that effectively prohibit gun possession. Specifically, in McDonald the petitioners challenge the prohibition of handgun registration that effectively bans handgun possession; the requirement that other guns be registered before acquisition, something that cannot always be done; imposing an effective tax on the exercise of Second Amendment liberties by requiring an annual re-registration of all guns; and making a gun permanently non-registrable (and, therefore, illegal to own) if the registration lapses at any time.

Go and read it all.