Lipstick for Dollars

The US dollar is not what it once was. Thankfully, it’s not yet what the deutschmark was on November 20, 1923. On that day, the official exchange rate was about 4.3 Trillion deutschmarks to the dollar. But, back to the dollar. I’m not certain that the person running the site for the Dollar ReDe$ign Project is serious, but the About Us reads as follows:

The Dollar ReDe$ign Project hopes to bring about change for everyone. We want to rebrand the US Dollar, rebuild financial confidence and revive our failing economy.

Perhaps a bit of a pun with regard to that “change” but who knows? Who else recently has been talking an awful lot about change–and has attempted, it would seem, to change more things than he lets alone?

That aside, I do not know how rebranding the dollar has to do with rebuilding financial confidence and reviving our failing economy. The dollar does not need rebranding–it needs restraint. Then again, there are fully too many people in our Treasury department (and elsewhere in government and the private sector) who believe that they are doing God’s work by creating dollars ex nihilo, as it were.