Lightbulbs and Liberty

I can’t say I thought I’d ever see those two words together quite like that. Power Line has a good piece addressing the relationship:

Representatives Joe Barton, Michael Burgess, and Marsha Blackburn have just introduced the Better Use of Light Bulbs Act (or BULB). The legislation would repeal the de facto ban on the incandescent light bulb contained in Subtitle B of Title III of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.


From the health insurance you’re allowed to have, to the car you can drive, to the light bulbs you can buy, Washington is making too many decisions that are better left to people who work for their own paychecks and earn their own living.

Here is hoping and working toward changing yet another piece of poor legislation. I don’t have much choice. In my present location, I simply do not have enough room to stockpile enough incandescent bulbs to last until the children leave home.