Lawyers Not Country Mice

Full disclosure: I have several lawyers in my extended family. With that said, I find the following AP article rather funny:

There are about 1,500 lawyers in [South Dakota]. Most of them are located in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen and Pierre.

Our lovely state has a population of about 800,000 people (the same population, roughly, as San Fransisco). Given the number from the article, that means we have one lawyer for roughly every 533 people.

The total population for the cities mentioned above (if one includes the MSA for each) is approaching 400,000 people. Therefore, it is not so strange that 3/4ths of the state’s lawyers are located in the cities which make up 1/2 the state’s population.

Beside which, I have yet to see someone (outside of the justice quoted in the article) who believes that having more lawyers will somehow help the overall situation. Remember, a dearth of lawyers does not necessarily mean the death of the law.