Knowing When to Say Nothing

I recently read a story to which I will not link. My reason for doing so will become evident shortly.

The gist of the matter was that a horrible crime is alleged. The news organization finds someone else in the same neighborhood (not the alleged victim) who is willing to provide context and reaction to the alleged events. This person provides quite a bit of personal information to the reporter, including name, marital/family status, work schedule, rough address, etc. This person states that she/he is fearful of the possibility of the same type of crime happening to her/him.

If the perpetrator(s) of the alleged crime read this story, they have more than enough data to work from for victim number 2.

I do not understand either the news reporter–who would openly publish such information–or the person–who would freely provide such information with no apparent thought as to its possible use.

Here is hoping that I’m simply thinking too hard about all of this and that nothing untoward happens as a result of the story.

2 thoughts on “Knowing When to Say Nothing

  1. I think I saw it on KSFY…. They detailed that the woman who lives in the neighborhood where the rape occurred is fearful because she is home by herself her husband works…..

    What were they thinking?

    1. PP,

      I do not think they were. We live in a time when privacy and safety are real concerns–and certain news articles do not help matters.

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