Just Over a Week

. . . until the midterm elections. I’ve been not paying as much attention as usual to matters political since it seemed more important to make sure my wife and daughter were properly cared for upon my daughter’s physical advent. Now that we have them both home and healthy, it’s time to get back to the grind.

Nationwide, things are looking up for conservative and conservative leaning candidates. Here are a few whose races I’ve been following more closely than others:

  • Kristi Noem, here in South Dakota, is up by 5 over Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.
  • Sean Bielat of Massachusetts down by 12 to Barney Frank.
  • Van Tran of California even with Loretta Sanchez.
  • Daniel Webster of Florida is up by 16 over Alan Grayson.

There are a number of other races which are also exciting, but these have particularly captured my attention this time around. To get information on these and other political happenings, here are a couple useful resources:

  • Real Clear Politics is a good place to go to get current information on the races (though not all are covered in their listed polls and articles).
  • Ballotpedia is an excellent source for what’s happening with non-people on the ballots this year.

Now, time for me to get reading on the latest news from around the political world.