Janklow to Teach at USD?

Looks like a few college students may be learning from the former politician’s lessons:

Former South Dakota Governor William Janklow is in talks with the university about guest teaching a political science class next semester. The amount of appearances the former governor will make depends on his schedule, said Bill Richardson, political science department chair.

“We are extremely hopeful this will fully come to pass. He has made a previous appearance at the university and was a highly effective speaker … we hope to repeat that experience several times in the spring,” he said.

The class will be a political science topics class that will deal with issues concerning South Dakota and national politics in which Janklow has an enormous amount of experience, both nationally and at the state level, Richardson said.

5 thoughts on “Janklow to Teach at USD?

  1. BAH. This fellow should not be paid to talk, he should pay to talk. That Heide (the Carl one not the Scott one) wants to listen just shows he is a strange little fellow.

  2. [Cory, not Carl]

    Janklow is a felon. He drove irresponsibly. But he still has a wealth of knowledge about South Dakota history and politics that students can learn from. He’s also an enormous historical figure. Similarly with Dick Cheney: I don’t like him, but if I had a chance to have him as a poli.sci prof, I’d sign up.

  3. I would agree that Janklow is worth listening to. I would go further and say that this forum might well provide him with the opportunity for some humility in admitting his humanity and how much damage can be done by one person in power who fails to control himself.

  4. Good point, Michael. janklow is a bad dude, but he’s an important bad dude, one from whom our students can learn a lot. I hope he’ll have an opportunity to have that conversation with the students.

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