It’s Cold Outside

Yesterday was a pretty nice day, as far as the weather was concerned. Today, as my daughter looked out the window at the 3 inches of wildly blowing snow, she said “Papa, is today the first day of winter?” I explained that the calendar said we wouldn’t be there for 10 more days, but that the weather rarely consulted the calendar.

A few minutes ago, I watched someone extricate their vehicle from my front yard–after the un-plowed roadway provided them with a rapid misdirection through the ditch and into the yard. Had they remained stuck, I would have assisted, but they were able to rock the vehicle free from the drifted whiteness before I worked up enough desire to be freeze dried on their behalf.

We are now told that the wind will continue until early tomorrow morning, with gusts up to 60+ miles per hour. If one couples that with the actual temperature of -9F (which we are also to see early tomorrow morning) one understands that saying it’s cold outside is an understatement.

Of course, this is South Dakota. Due to the relative lack of resistance which the plains provide to weather systems, we may be able to send this one on to Chicago or points east and get some warmer weather in few days.

Nonetheless, I think my daughter has the right of it: winter has arrived on the high plains. May you all be warm and well.