Into the New Decade We Come

Just to let you all know that Constant Conservative may now be found on Twitter and Facebook. I’m working on the putting some icons over in one of the columns to the right, but figured I’d put out a post to make sure all of my regular readers (especially those of you coming in via RSS) know what going on.

We’ve been on Twitter for a while–and I do tweet about material which is not published on Constant Conservative–so it is not completely redundant with the posts shown here. However, Facebook is a completely new thing. Not crazy about it yet, but–as was explained to me by one of my regular readers–Facebook is where the eyes are, so it makes sense to get in front of them. Posts from here will get linked via the Facebook page, but we’ll also have some new content which will be created by the collision of ideas as other Facebook users engage in conversations around the principles of liberty, freedom and constant conservatism.

See you there.