If It Kills, It Ought to Die: Updated

From SeaWorld we have this sad story:

An official says 40-year-old Dawn Brancheau is the trainer killed by a whale at SeaWorld in Orlando.


The whale is also believed to have been involved in two other deaths.

If the whale is believed to have been involved in two other deaths (of humans, I’m assuming) it should have been killed already. The thinking behind not doing so is wrong and entirely based in an incorrect understanding of nature.

One is reminded of the girl killed by coyotes who had apparently lost their fear of humans.


Joseph Bottom has some parallel thoughts:

The ironies here are so manifest that only willfulness explains how they are ignored: The animals have the rights of humans, except when they, like, you know, kill humans. McArdle is right to talk ironically about liability lawsuits. As Wesley Smith would say, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy, as long as that constrains the boy—and not the rat or the pig or the dog.