Hope and Change, South Dakota Style

A little over a month ago, Ben Nesselhuff was running for Secretary of State in South Dakota. That didn’t work out so well. Now, he’s the new head of the South Dakota Democratic Party:

Ben Nesselhuf, a former lawmaker and secretary of state candidate, was chosen to be the Democrats’ new state chairman Saturday at a meeting of the party’s State Central Committee in Chamberlain.

Nesselhuf said the Democratic Party will focus on fundraising and its message under his leadership.

“We’re going to be more vocal,” Nesselhuf said. “Everything that happens in Pierre, for good or bad, is going to be laid at the Republicans’ feet. We need to remind people, when they’re upset about something that happened, that it wasn’t our party that made the decision.”

Sounds as though he’s been paying attention to what happened in DC in the last election.

In recent elections, Democrats have focused their efforts on Sioux Falls and the eastern part of the state. Nesselhuf said the state’s more heavily populated East River areas will still be the party’s priority, but Rapid City will get more attention, as well.

“We absolutely need to spend time in Rapid City and West River. We absolutely need to get out there and lay out our message,” he said.

Right. Because, as the President has told us, the reason folks aren’t coming over to his way of thinking is that he didn’t give enough speeches. Or, it may just be that Nesselhuf read the West River returns for the most recent statewide races and found that a number of people out there are stuck in old ways of thinking–where government was meant to protect the righteous and punish the evildoers rather than ensure that everybody was fed, housed and had taxpayer funded education through college.

We’ll see how things go. After all, the Democrats have a few years before they need a candidate for Senator.