Homeschool in South Dakota is Not Sufficiently Rigorous?

One does not often find oneself laughing at news articles, but I did so at this one from the AP, which closes with the following line:

Because home-schooled students don’t take the rigorous high school classes, they would have to score 26 on their ACT to qualify.

Is it not worth a chuckle? The legislation of which the piece speaks would permit home-schooled students to be eligible for the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship–a means of attempting to keep above average students in the state for their continued college educations.

Personally, I do not believe it is the state’s business to provide scholarships for students from tax dollars. That aside, I suppose it is only proper that home-schooled students must needs score higher than their public-school peers to make the cut. After all, their parents pay property taxes and buy all of their educational materials on top of that. Plus, one of the parents usually gives up possible paid work for years at a time to make the homes-schooling possible.

Of course, you do know what happens when people have to work harder for what they get, don’t you? They usually value it more.

2 thoughts on “Homeschool in South Dakota is Not Sufficiently Rigorous?

  1. I caught that line too, Michael, and was offended. I suspect home schoolers are able to get as rigorous an education if not more so at home. I hear from my teacher friends and have experienced personally the entitelement mentality growing in our schools as kids and parents pressure teachers to give them the grade they need to get the scholarship just because they’ve come to class, not because they’ve actually mastered the material. Our daughter won’t get a good score on her homeschool lessons just because she sits still for an hour. (Actually, I’m not sure we’ll be using grades; we’ll just be learning.)

    1. CAH,

      My own experience (both as pupil and parent) bear out the fact that homeschooling tends to be done with the rigor of public education from a generation or two ago.

      Besides, when one is home-schooled, showing up is what you do at the breakfast table–right before classes begin.

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