Herseth Sandlin Liberal?

After quoting from Jim Geraghty (who lays out a few challenges for Representative Herseth Sandlin), Andrew Roth sums things up:

Herseth-Sandlin’s record is far worse when you cast the net out wider.  She also voted for card check, a $300 billion bailout for Fannie and Freddie, for SCHIP, for Obama’s budget, for a massive increase in the national debt limit, for the FY10 Omnibus, for Davis-Bacon requirements, and for countless earmarks (like Rangel’s “Monument to Me” and the South Carolina Aquarium) .

She has also voted against a handful of free trade agreements, against offshore drilling, against a bill that would stop Fannie/Freddie from borrowing from the Treasury, and against permanent repeal of the Death Tax.

I could go on…but you get the point.  She’s liberal.  South Dakota voters are not.

What remains to be seen is whether she can parlay the general good will which she seemingly still has with those voters into overlooking her rather obvious lack of applied Blue Dog credentials.