Grudging Admission of Noem Possibilities

Things are shaping up for a good (read: exciting) competition for South Dakota’s seat in the House:

Republicans have unsuccessfully tried to knock off South Dakota Democratic Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin ever since she was elected six years ago in the rural, conservative state.

But with what could be a big Republican wave and an anti-incumbent narrative building — not to mention a strong GOP nominee in state Rep. Kristi Noem — party operatives believe they have the right mix of factors to beat the Congresswoman this year.

Democrats, meanwhile, are already trying to paint Noem — an anti-abortion, pro-gun, anti-gay-marriage conservative — as a right-wing partisan.

They also note that Herseth Sandlin survived a tough environment before, winning her first race in 2004, a very good Republican year.

But that was before she had a Congressional voting record and before she owned the positive and negative aspects that come with incumbency.

Read it all, but realize that the author is a bit biased against “right-wing partisans” as evidenced by her not describing Noem as “pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-traditional marriage.”

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