FTC Wants to Bail Out News Media?

In the words of the article: “this is actually quite astonishing.”

A “staff discussion draft” from the Federal Trade Commission recommends ways the government can save journalism.  First, it lists a number of ways Washington can subsidize the media (to the tune of $35 billion a year):

– Establish a “journalism” division of AmeriCorps.

– Increase funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

– Establish a National Fund for Local News.

– Provide a tax credit to news organizations for every journalist they employ.

– Establish Citizenship News Vouchers (lets you direct money from tax return).

Amazing. Regardless of where you might stand politically, can you not see the incredible danger such an approach would be to any attempt for objectivity in news reporting?

There is a reason we have come to distrust the news reporting from any agency which funded by a national government: a reporter cannot serve two masters.

2 thoughts on “FTC Wants to Bail Out News Media?

  1. Will I be able to claim a tax credit as a self-employed blogger? If so, I’ll still throw slush balls at the federal government for not violating the Constitution with the Patriot Act. 🙂

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