Forget the Bull Moose Party, How about the Sensitive Moose?

John at Power Line is concerned about moose. Actually, he’s concerned about people who are concerned about the Minnesota moose. After reading an article which claims local global warming is hurting the moose population, he does a bit of thinking out loud:

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency says mean temperatures have increased in the state by a whopping one-half of one degree Fahrenheit in the last 50 years. Those moose must be sensitive creatures.


Here’s what puzzles me, though: isn’t global warming supposed to be–you know–global? That being the case, why are moose populations “burgeoning” in Massachusetts, returning to Wisconsin, “growing” in Michigan, moving into Connecticut, where historically they did not live, “booming” in Oregon, “resurging” in Vermont, “increasing” in Washington, “growing exponentially” in New York, “significantly increas[ing]” in Colorado, and “growing” in Utah?

Even here in South Dakota (where we do not officially have moose) we’ve had several visitors from Minnesota. Perhaps that’s the real problem with Minnesota’s herd, they are moving over to the warmer South Dakota prairies without leaving forwarding addresses.