Forget College Football Already

It’s confession time. I don’t watch football. I’ll probably find out about the score of the Super Bowl via some rss feed update. So, one could say I’ve got no team at all in this fight:

Forget health care and terror, President Obama is tackling an even bigger problem — the legality of the college football Bowl Championship Series.

The series has garnered loads of criticism over the years because teams are chosen to compete in the championship game by a subjective rating system, rather than by a series of playoffs games.

I realize that there are many who may be among those critical of the current system. Nonetheless (and I almost said “let me be clear”) this is not government’s business. If the colleges and or/the fans wish to express their displeasure, they may do so by voting with their feet. Or, if they really wish to address it in a somewhat political fashion, then how about taking a leaf (pun intended) from the TEA party playbook and expressing their displeasure in person and in groups to those who make the decisions about this?

Maybe they could even have a GATORADE party, or something. Hmm. That might only work for Florida.

I believe you get the point. Are we become a nation which cares more that a big stick is brought to bear on those running a sports competition than we are that other countries will very soon be beating us with a big stick economically–if they are not already doing so?

Government is feeling increasingly like a nanny who is nearly incapable of doing anything of value, but believes herself to be properly productive when she manages to quash any and every activity on the part of her charges.

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