FEMA, Please Go

Caught this little blurb from KSFY a few minutes ago:

Federal Emergency Management Agency teams are in South Dakota this week assessing damage from last month’s ice storm.


FEMA will determine whether the counties are eligible for public assistance to help rebuild infrastructure. Residents in four of the counties may also be eligible for individual assistance.

Keep in mind that “public assistance” means taxes collected by the federal government and that “individual assistance” means taxes collected by the federal government.

It is not the federal government’s brief to provide assistance to anyone because they planned poorly, got caught in a disaster, etc. It is my responsibility (and yours) to provide assistance for our fellow humans. Oh, you say, but then I’m for doing it with my taxes, so this is fine with me. True enough, it may be fine with you, but it is patently not fine with the US Constitution.

If you wish to help the folks in South Dakota (or Haiti, or Pandora) who need it–then go for it. See, it is not a question of helping or not helping. The answer is that we help. However, the means by which we help makes all the difference in the world.

There may even be those who read the article above and thought to themselves something along the lines of “Oh, the government is taking care of things. Guess I’m off the hook.”

That, my friends, is government-assisted apathy in full kit running down the field.