Evening Echoes | December 8, 2010

Guy Gregory of Badlands Blue regrets the loss of a reasonable representative and fears for a partisan future with her replacement. Oh, and he liked the President’s speech yesterday.

Bob Mercer of Pure Pierre Politics notes that despite doing well economically as a state, we’ve got more folks on the dole.

Corey Heidelberger of Madville Times is upset that rich people get to keep the money they made, and glad he’s a dad who can still learn a thing or two.

TC of South Dakota War College brings us the somber news that our neighbors in Minnesota will once again be governed by someone who, well, it’s hard to know exactly how to say it nicely. At any rate, they will have a new governor soon.

Bob Ellis of Dakota Voice looks at the malodorous Pigford situation, reminds us that federal judges have a responsibility to uphold the Constitution in their judicial activities and brings us the possibility that Jim DeMint might roll out the filibuster for that lovely bi-partisan tax bill that everyone’s talking about.

Finally, P&R of the eponymous P&R Miscellany points out that disgusting and non-edifying artwork is not the problem, but is rather the symptom.

2 thoughts on “Evening Echoes | December 8, 2010

  1. I’m more upset that the same people who used charges of reckless deficit spending and bloated, ineffective stimulus plans to vote Kristi Noem into office have now done a 180 to approve a $900 billion deficit-busting stimulus plan that is largely mistargeted.

    1. I’ll agree that this bill is not what is needed. As I understand it, it does not permanently do away with the inheritance/death tax, to mention just one of its shortcomings.

      To conflate preventing tax increases with deficit spending is to claim that the citizens are responsible to support runaway government spending. Do not confuse the symptom with the actual problem.

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