Evening Echoes | December 1, 2010

Bob Ellis at Dakota Voice is feeling a bit hot and bothered about the global warming climate change party which is going on in Cancun while the home countries of many of the attendees are getting smothered in fresh sky dandruff.

Bob Mercer of Pure Pierre Politics takes us into the details of Daugaard’s cabinet and other choices and tells us that Nygaard’s party switch does seem to be benefiting him quite nicely.

Michael Sanborn of Decorum Forum points us to this article about Herseth Sandlin’s present and future.

Cory Heidelberger of Madville Times gets on South Dakota’s case about the TransCanada pipeline, dives into the details about a new gym going up in Madison, wonders why our kids just don’t seem to be doing well in school and measures the thickness of his local ice sheet.

Stephen Rosenthal of Random Thoughts speaks to a concise video on the problem of the Middle East.

The Radioactive Chief wonders out loud about the coming of a local food store and the costs of the FDA’s expanded access to farmers and food producers.