Don’t Get Hooked To Begin With

Dr. Melissa Clouthier nails it:

[]Every shred of energy needs to be expended to prevent this disaster from starting. Those who suggest it can be repealed need to think of a drug user. Heroin is extraordinarily addictive. Stopping a person after the first hit, is nigh to impossible. After the third? Forget it.

Those who suggest repealing this bill, will be asking heroin addicts across the country to take themselves off the drug. That’s what government entitlements are: Societal Drugs. They hook a person, and he doesn’t even know he’s dying until it’s too late and his freedom is gone.

Better to hide the drugs and destroy them forever, than to allow a person one hit. This health care bill MUST be stopped now or there will be no stopping it later.[]


When it comes to passing bills, Congress is to get permission first–not forgiveness (or apathy) later. Otherwise, our various representatives aren’t representing, are they?

If the original GW had wanted an aristocracy, he could have had one–forget that–he could have been king. That’s not how things turned out. We have a responsibility to ensure that we maintain as much of our republic as we are able. Defeating the health care takeover is one of the ways we can ensure that a legacy of freedom, personal responsibility and love for law continues into our still-young-century.